21 March 2015

8 Ways In Which A Floral Design Course Changed My Life

Hiiiiiii! Long time no seee. How are you doing? Yall. I'm the busiest bee as of right now, I need the Lord to give me some strength up in here cuz lets be real, I have approximately none of my own. Who knew attempting to run a small business would be so hard? Who knew you could almost have an emotional breakdown bc of stress and general exhaustion on the side of the road because your bus didn't stop at your stop? w0w. ANYWAYS. It's all good. God is good and He has sustained me so its all thumbs up around here!

I had my 7th (WHERE HAS TIME GONE) floral design lesson this week. Remember when I first mentioned it? I think it was on instagram. But woah time has flown. I've learnt so much so here are 8 Ways In Which A Floral Design Course Changed My Life!

  • I now wake up early! Long gone are the days of sleeping in till 10. When class starts at 8ish (we're on African time), best believe your girl is up at 7-7:30 to get ready for this fist-pump worthy of a class.
  • Naming flowers is basically my 9-5 job! Plz get at me. Just kidding. Please dont. But on the realz, I can name quite a few flowers so that's pretty shweet.
  • Our house ALWAYS has flowers. It is a problem? Yes. Do we care? Nah boo! As I write this, there are two completely different arrangements just chillin' and illin'.
  • I'm always dreamily looking out the car window at flower vendors and the flowers they're selling. Like mhhhm. Those purple roses / sunflowers / lillies / gladiolas are calling my name (LOL TOLD YOU I COULD NAME THEM #noflexzone)
  • I never want to leave florist shops. For an assignment, I had to get some flowers and some floral foam to make an buffet arrangement (holla at your girl) and that florist shop. YO. I was in my happy place. I did not want to leave. It was so beautiful.
  • I'm forever taking photographs of flowers. Like oh, working on a flatlay? Let me just throw in a quick lily in there.. no big deal.
  • I've learnt so much about flower arrangement maintenance that I can't STAND murky vase water. LIKE WHY IS THE WATER LOOKING GREEN?? Better dump that out real quick and refill it like yesterday. Thanks. And while you're at it could you like, get rid of those almost dead leaves. Yea thanks.
  • I feel like my eyes are more open to God's awesomeness and creativity. LIKE. He designed these flowers. Every single one of them. How amazing is that? I appreciate that.
Here are some more photographs for your viewing pleasure! 

PS - Have you checked out the shop and followed it on instagram? If yes,*sticks gold star on your forehead lovingly* if nah then you better get to it! And while you're at it, order something for yourself! 

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Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path - Psalms 119:105

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13 March 2015

Voyageuse Africaine : The Boutique!

Yall! I got some exciting news. Voyageuse Africaine : The Boutique is FINALLY open, by the grace of God! Like honestly, long time coming but we finally here. Remember when I first discovered that I actually really liked sewing and making stuff? 
Click this post to refresh your memory {#throwback to blog posts that were a mess}. And now all my dreamzz are coming true. (hey now, hey nooooooow, this iz what dreamzz are made of, hey hey! *Lizzie McGuire booty-shake thing*)

Laptop Sleeve in the Naa Lamile Print :3
iPad sleeve in the Lamisi Print
A Bible sleeve in the Lamisi Print!
BUT YO God is so so so faithful! I remember when I made a promise that if He provided me  with a sewing machine (which I've never owned, much less know how to operate) I would give the first fruits of this little business to His Kingdom.  

NOW LOOK AT US. I'll be making my first Kenya deliveries next week so that's really exciting #dollardollarbillsyall, but not really. but kinda.

simple multi-purpose clutch in the Naa Lamile Print
I have international shipping set up already, but now I'm just tryna set up PayPal and those international payment shenanigans. BUT YESSSS. God has been so good! Super excited to HOPEFULLY start shipping internationally.

a simple multi-purpose clutch in the Yaa Print
So basically what I'll be doing is making technology (so iPad and laptop) sleeves (OH AND BIBLE SLEEVES) as well as little purses out of Ghanaian wax fabric #reppinGhanarealquick. All the fabrics have Ghanaian names because why not? I think it adds an extra dash of spice and personality to the fabrics y'know what I'm sayin'?

You can click here to check out the store, Voyageuse Africaine, and browse through some of the things I've made so far. Oh, about the last photo, I went to the bead market in Ghana over the summer, and these are some of the shweet beads we picked up. I actually made these for my mom's birthday (which is today, happy burfday mama jammaaa!) and I thought MHM maybe I could add these to the shop as well *kanye shrug*

YAAAY. So that's kind of that. Still a bit of radio silence because of laptop issues but yea. Shweet shweet shweet. YALL. Pray for me! I want to glorify God with this business so bad. 

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Who should not revere you O King of all nations? This is your due. Among all the wise men in all the nations and in all their kingdoms, there is no one like You. Jeremiah 10:7

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7 March 2015

The Kente & Khanga Network!

Yall. Can I just say that a post on this little project of mine is so overdue its not even funny. So literally one night at like 2am, I wasn't asleep (DONT EVEN ASK ME WHY I'M NOT QUITE SURE MYSELF) and all of a sudden, this idea of a blogger network specifically tailored for Africa-based / African bloggers came to my mind. It had actually come up a while ago, but I had sort of pushed it to the back of my mind.

Anyway so that night, I turned my lights back on and started planning the Kente and Khanga Network! I KNEW I wanted God to be a huge part of it, like the Peony Project *fist pumpsss* because hey, we all need encouragement and words of exhortation as we go through the week, you know?

So the main focus of this little blogger network is to bring together Africa-based / African bloggers together so we can have dance parties, encourage one another, share each other's blog posts, find other African bloggers and high five them and just grow in our relationship with Christ!

That's pretty much what is it's about. We have 12 beaaaautiful people already hanging out at the Kente and Khanga Network, and even though it's a baby, I'm convinced this thing can grow. So if you know any Africa-based / African bloggers and/or creatives who would love to interact with other bloggers and grow in Christ send them my way!

If you'd like to join us, click here and fill out this super quick form and I'll get to you ASAP.

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No one is like, O Lord. You are great, and You name is mighty in power. Jeremiah 10:6

4 March 2015

An Open Letter to my John-John!

 Hi hi! Sorry for being a tad bit MIA but yea laptop problems up in here. ANYWAY. So if you've been following this little blog of mine for a bit, you'd know that I *used* to volunteer at this babies home, and I basically fell in love with baby John! If you need to refresh ya memory, click here. So John turned 1 in February, but by then he had already been adopted so *cue tears up in here* So here's a little letter I wrote to / for my sweet baby boy even though he may never see this... *CUE MORE TEARS*

Hi sweetie! Hi handsome! Hi John-John! I MISS YOU. I thank God for your precious life and I thank God for giving you a second chance at life baby boy! Even though I'm so ecstatic about your adoption and your new family, a tiny part of me is sad because I won't get to see your beautiful smile, hug you, deal with your shenanigans or watch you grow sweetie. But know that I'm praying for you and your family.

LOL I'm tearing up as I write this. But yes, I pray that you come to know Jesus Christ at a young age and I pray you serve God for ALL your days on this Earth. John-John, know that you are LOVED. By God, your Heavenly Father, by me, and my everyone at New Life. Sweetums, I can't believe you're ONE. A whole year? WHAT EVEN?

 I remember the first day I met you, you were taking an afternoon nap and you smelt all baby-like and my heart basically melted. SMH at the fact that you didn't even stir, much less wake up when I picked your up. UGH. And now you're probably walking and being a joy and learning how to say "mama" and OH MY GOSH WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING BABY. Like who gave you permission to grow up?! I thank God for the season that He put you in my life for. I LOVE YOU. SO MUCH. it hurts smh. John-John + Norkz 4eva. Basically and pretty much.

I still regret not going to see you every day even though I was told that you'd be leaving soon. UGH I WISH I COULD HUG YOU ONE MORE TIME. And ruffle your hair thats in the same haircut as mine.  Love you forever and always!

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18 (COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT) oh my gosh i cant deal rn.
Have you ever volunteered at a children's home and fallen in love with one of them? YALL. I wanna hear about it. It's crazy and heartbreaking at the same time.

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