13 June 2016

5 Things Freshman Year In Uni Taught Me!

Hello! WOW. You guys. Lets casually not mention how I disappeared for 848424837897891 light years and pretend my blog hasnt began to collect dust. *clears throat* *scratches scalp*

OKAY. Hi! So. Weirdly enough first year / freshman year is over. I dont really get it either I know. It's like yesterday I was all like #gapyeargoals #whatislife #livingitup #whatiseducation. And now i'm like. Well actually I'm still like #whatiseducation. ANYWAY. I'm done. It was a very interesting year to say the least, but let me just stop babbling and get down to this blog post! Great.

SO. First thing I learnt during this eye-roll inducing year was

1) God's mercy and grace abounds.
YOU GUYS. YOU GUYS. YO. I've never felt grace and mercy like I did this year. Like, the amount of times I had to ask *ahem* beg God to have mercy on my foolish self was just too amazing. But man. Whatta God you know? He would just turn up and save the day, as is His nature. Like grace. Undeserved favour. Yea that was basically the theme for this year.

2) Prayer is so important!
YOU GUYS. PRAYER. WORKS. You can't understand how many times I've been walking to class late because 1) I woke up late 2) there are no shuttles and maybe 3) I really couldn't care less at that point in time, and I'd be praying and saying "when I get to that class which I'm already late for the lecturer will NOT be there. I will get to class before the lecturer does." Mind you my faculty is like 93892898493992 miles away from my hall so. So I'd walk into class and LO AND FREAKING BEHOLD THE LECTURER IS NOT THERE. I'm just like *crying emoji* Jesus why are you so good to me??? No comprendo. I just can't right now. This happened like a gajillion times.  But apart from those emergency prayers, prayer is so important. 

I'm reading this book "How to Pray" by Bishop Dag Heward Mills, and he says  that prayer releases the power of God on your behalf. Like. I don't really know how to explain but I'm so thankful for the ability to open my mouth and talk to God and then He actually hears me and ANSWERS MY PRAYER? LIKE. Sheesh whatta God am I right? I love that I can pray and things can happen for my good.

3) The Christian walk is not easy. 
This year was honestly the year that I was like "Hoooold up, this Christianity thing is SO DIFFICULT." Like woah. But then its like you can't even do it on your own so just stop and let God work it out for you. The Bible says that God's grace is sufficient for us because His power is made perfect in our weakness.
Struggles were so struggly. But the key to being able to get up when you fall is by not isolating yourself from the body of Christ. Being surrounded by God-fearing friends who can pray for you and declare good things over you is such a blessing. Having mature Christians give you advice and impart wisdom onto your silly self is pretty much a gift from God. I'm really grateful for that. I think it's the thing that kept me almost... sane.

4. Friends that pray together, stay together.
Friends that can pray with you as you're walking to above mentioned class that you are late for are definitely keepers. Friends that allow you to stay in their rooms till 1am doing annoying assignments are also keepers. YALL. Friends are awesome, but friends that get you and want to know, love and serve Jesus literally fall from heaven. It's pretty dope. Also friends that make you laugh so hard that you snort are the best.

5. Time is precious. Don't waste it. 
I learnt this lesson the hard way. And by the hard way I mean, all nighters, all dayers, falling asleep on tables, asking God to cancel my classes (WHICH HE DID #PRAISEHIM) handing in work and ultimately praying over them and asking God for another chance (see lesson number 1). You guys. I could have honestly saved myself the trouble, stress, sleep deprivation, almost ugly crying in public if i had just not procratinated my life away. YEA. So. Lesson learnt. I think. 

ANYWAY. So those are just 5 things I learnt over freshman year. Theres about 939200293 more, but when I do think of them I'll let you guys know. This is just a sweet and short blog post to kinda blow away the dust that has settled over here. heh.

By the grace of God I'll be on here a bit more regularly. *nervous laugh*

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
 - James 1:22

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