21 July 2014

Bead Market Adventures

As you may already know, I've been on vacation in Ghana for the past couple of weeks. I come here every summer but so far, this summer has been the greatest! I have so much to blog about, but I wanted to share some pictures I took at a bead market here in Ghana.

Basically, I visited my momma's hometown in the Eastern Region of Ghana last week Wednesday, which was market day (whoop!) and we went to the bead market because.. well why not? Beads in Krobo culture are a sign of beauty, wealth and status yo. They can also identify where the wearer comes from. There are exclusive beads for royalty and different beads are worn for different occasions. They make up a huge part of Krobo culture. 

My mom got a whole bunch, while I got an awesome statement piece.
There's been so much going on and I'm really enjoying being home. 


So many beautiful beads, not enough money to buy them all!
(You can follow the rest of my adventures #NorkorExploresGhana on instagram!)

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4 July 2014

Blogger Feature - Hannah at Wonderfully Sewn

This summer, I decided, since I’m not busy anymore (peace out high school) that I would attempt to feature some of my favorite bloggers on the interwebs, holla!

I really can’t remember how I even got to Hannah’s blog, but I fell in love with it instantly. Her writing and her personality are amazing, while her walk with Jesus is absolutely inspiring. To be honest her blog, Wonderfully Sewn, inspired me to create my own. It’s been really great getting to know her and she’s seriously the nicest person ever.

Hannah and I had a little chat over email (whoop!) and she answered a few interesting questions.

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