9 April 2014

So far..(An Update)

It's been a while since I've had any motivation to write/keep this blog up but I'm back with some new found motivation!

So I came back from Senior Trip which was amazing and went straight into Spring Break. Now I thought Spring Break would just entail me sitting at home, on pinterest, tumblr or facebook and sleeping the days away. However, turns out I HAVE FRIENDS? I wasn't aware of this new development. But I got invited to a pool party by one of my close friends/practically big sister and it was a ton of fun! We had water ballons and holi color powder which literally got everywhere! I was blowing blue snot and cleaning green powder out of my ears for a few days. Regardless, I had a so much fun and the day was filled with laughter and tears of joy and just overall happiness.

Some snapshots from our holi/pool party shenanigans!
 Then an even bigger surprise occurred. Okay it wasn't a complete surprise since I was aware but still. One of my reaaally good friends from 8th grade, when I used to live in the DRC came to Kenya for her Spring Break and we got to meet up. Albeit a short visit, she literally showed up at my school for lunch period, IT WAS SO CRAZY SEEING HER AFTER 4 YEARS! I thought it would be weird and awkward because c'mon I am the Queen of Awkwardness, but we just continued from where we left off in middle school. I was absolutely flabbergasted (yes I just used that word, mhm *snaps fingers*) at how our relationship had not changed even though I hadn't seen her in 4 years. Crazy. But yes, we were laughing and talking and laughing some more and it was SO lovely. *sigh*
Here we are, engaging in selfie shenanigans. 

Then, Junior/Senior Banquet was this last weekend. To be honest, it wasn't as fun as last year's but still! I appreciate all the hard work that the juniors put into organizing the entire event: the photographers, the Red Carpet and the entertainment. Photos were taken in abundance but I wasn't really partaking in that because I wanted to enjoy myself. ALSO. I was basically in LOVE with my banquet dress. :') I got it made by one of my Ghanaian aunts who's an amaaazing seamstress and it was done in a week. A bit of late notice but she said it was okay. I have the sides and the back of my hair shaved off, so for Banquet I did a quick blow-dry and flat-iron to get a super silky super Red Carpet-worthy hairdo! 

And here I am with Anita, my Ghanaian partner in crime.
So it's been a good couple of weeks. I'm wrapping up senior year, but still have AP Exams and Senior Seminar to get rid of. Yuck. But once May 12th gets here, I'LL BE DONE! 

I hope you, dear reader (if you read through all of this) have been great!

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