6 June 2014

The Secret to Soft, Mosturized Afro-Textured Hair


There seems to be a misconception that afro textured hair is hard, coarse and not manageable! That's so not true. Some people at my school (but I graduated so do I still call it my school or nah?) have been asking me HOW OH HOW I achieve such cotton-candy like soft afro-textured hair. Then I commence to hyperventilate (not really) and then gush about my secret formula for super soft afro-textured hair.

 This actually took me like 4820229 years to figure out because I was such a newbie but eventually I figured it out. Well, once I figured out what hair porosity was.

Anyways, to keep things short, I'll explain what porosity is. IT'LL TAKE LIKE 3.432 seconds I promise. So porosity, Weird word isn't it?
Porosity is basically how "porous" your hair is, and how well it can retain moisture. Comprende? Si? No?
Well there are three different types of porosity - low, medium and high- I actually talked about this is my post about my natural hair meet up. Dang that feels like such a long time ago.

Once you do the porosity test, you too can figure out what your hair is all about.

 If the results point you to the land of low porosity that means your hair is not porous at all and cannot retain moisture on its own. Medium means your hair CAN retain moisture on its own (LUCKY) and high porosity means your hair is SUPER porous, probably due to some heat damage or even chemical damage.

I'll be focusing on low porosity hair, which is what I got growing on my head. Before I knew what porosity was, there I was slathering coconut and olive oil onto my locks...but were they even getting into my hair shaft? That would be a no.
In effect I was making my pillowcases oily and nasty because the oil was just, you know, chilling ON my hair strand, making my hair oily, but DRIER than the Sahara Desert. Mhm. Craziness.

Then I discovered, the one and only, the love of my (hair) life, GLYCERIN.
You're probably like "lewl whut", so let me just hook you up with my girl Glycerin. She's the bomb diggity.
What glycerin basically does is OPENS up the pores in hair strand and allows water and all that good stuff aka essential oils to actually GET into your hair strand. ITS LIKE MAGIC. but not really. Just science actually.

So what I usually do is:

1) Retrieve spritz bottle
2) Fill it up with water, about 1/3 of the spritz bottle (natural hair loves water!)
3) Throw some glycerin in there, I usually use 1/3 to ½ of a 50ml bottle of glycerin.Sometimes more.
4) Throw some conditioner in there, a few pumps of it.
5) Throw in a generous amount (6-8 tablespoons) of olive oil and some eucalyptus (it smells divine and promotes hair growth WUDDUP)

Then shake it all up and spritz it into my hair. My hair literally loves it. LOVES IT.

Everything soaks up nicely and my hair is super moisturized, and SUPER SOFT. It’s freaking softer than cotton wool yo. It's awesome. So that's it.

The secret to super soft and moisturized afro-textured hair. Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

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    1. Hi Ms. Abiola, thanks for reading! :)

  2. i am definitely gonna try this...

    1. Yay! Try it out and let me know how it works for you! :) Thanks for reading Ms. Martha!

  3. As usual, you're just a bit too amazing Nokoko! :D

  4. Love this post. Forwarding to my little sisters right now.


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