28 September 2014

Snapshot Sunday!

   This week has been full of ups and downs but by God's grace and strength, I've been able to get through it!

// 1. This week has TRULY exhausted me. Being at the babies home every.single.day is so tiring, so duuur I took the days off on Tuesday and Friday. Helping out at New Life has really opened my eyes to the daily things moms and dads have to go through raising kids. Moms are basically superheroes. That is all.

// 2. I attended a traditional Kikuyu [a Kenyan ethnic group] dowry meeting this Saturday, and it was honestly so awesome! This gap year, I've been learning A LOT about Kenyan culture and even picking up a few bits and pieces of Swahili. Shout out to mom for getting this super sweet capture.

// 3. Sunday lunch dates with my mom are my favorite! I enjoy hanging out with my mom a TAD too much, like it actually becoming a problem! She didn't feel like cooking so we just hit up a quick Java House after an awesome time at church. I'm enjoying teaching the Sunday School choir and brushing up on my piano skills whoop!

// 4. I have a slight problem with buying and arranging flowers, like honestly just call me Norkor the florist, because that is what I truly am! These lovely chrysanthemums are hanging out on our dining table and center piece and are doing their job of brightening our spaces up.

 What were some highlights of your week? I want to hear all about it!

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16 September 2014

S I X T E E N - Most People Don't Know This But..

Am I or am I the laziest blogger ever? What even have these two weeks been about? But I've finally gotten around to posting because Ms. Bailey Jean over at Brave Love is hosting the Blog-tember Challenge and today's prompt is A+.

So here we go.
Most people dont know this but...

  • I've lived in 5 different countries in my 17 years of life
  • I speak English, French, Russian, Spanish and Ga [ my mothertongue] *throws gang sign up*
  • I can play the piano, violin and the flute. Also, I can strum a lil sum' sum' on the guitar [shout out to my big sis Kiki]
  • In 7th grade I really wanted to be an archaeologist but then I realized that entails digging up stuff in the hot sun and I was like naaah boo! *throws peace out emoji up*
  • I used to be/still am obsessed with Hawaii. My best friend Tatiana and I have looked up flight prices from our respective corners of the world, and still dream of living by the ocean and doing nothing and everything.
  • I may or may not be the most disorganized person you will ever meet.
  • I'm a serious night owl during the summer, like oh its 2am? Let me do some interpretive dancing, or even better, let me come up with a great business plan!
and last but not the least
  • I look athletic, but bruh, I'd rather watch sports [basketball, field hockey and soccer/football] than play it!

How about you? What something that most people don't know about you?

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6 September 2014

August Snapshots!

For real though, where did August go? It seemed like yesterday I was back in Accra, barely blogging because of  internet struggles on that side of the African continent. Fast forward three weeks later, and I've been swept up in hanging out with the lovely babies and volunteers at New Life Home, writing CV's, applying for internships and basically trying to get this gap year going.

September has brought with it cold rain and even colder days. Yesterday it rained literally ALL day and I had to be outside of my warm toasty bed. For a second I thought I was back in Central Asia braving the -20 degree Celsius winter but no no, I was just outside in the Nairobi rain. I wasn't aware that Arctic Circle weather was visiting us. Am I exaggerating? A little bit. But it's only because I really hate the cold.

I have to say, my August Instagram game was pretty strong. I'm trying to capture pretty things and get my creativity going so that was the end product of that. August was filled with lots of flowers, who so lovely featured in a few of my Instagram shots, warm weather, eating dinner on the balcony, browsing bookstores and finally purchasing a Moleskine journal! So happy.

How did August treat you? And do you own a Moleskine journal or planner? How do you use it?

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