28 January 2015

5 Praise Songs That Will Make You Break Out Into Dance

also known as songs I lip sync and pretend to perform to 984982% of the time. I wish this was an over exaggeration. Most of the time when I'm in bleh mood, I've realized that praise songs are a 100% guarantee that my mood will be lifted. Secular music aint got nothing on gospel-inspired music. *snaps fingers* *flips hair*. I honestly wish I could make a video of how I JAM TO ALL THESE SONGS. Things get prettttty serious ( like So You Think You Can Dance serious) around here.

Britt Nicole - Gold

This song is my go to for just a little or a lot of upliftment. Yes Britt Nicole. Just yes.

Britt Nicole ft Lecrae - Ready or Not

One of my favorite jamalams! And my inner rapper makes a quick appearance when Lecrae starts doing his thing. It's great.

Kirk Franklin - Today 

This is honestly such a great song! I used to listen to this every single morning on the way to school and the message is fantastic.

KB - Lighter Fluid

Another gospel-rap song that is LITERALLY MY JAM. You guys. Its ridiculous how much I love gospel-rap like Bible + great lyrics + awesome beats? Yes pleeeease!

Kgotso - Modimo Urifile 

This is one is totally different from the rest because it's a South African praise song. Jamming to this is necessary any time it plays on my iPod. "Modimo Urifile" translates into "God Has Given Us". You can click here to find the lyrics/translation.

All of these songs have amazing messages, are all inspired by the Bible and are sung/rapped by God-fearing people. It's a win-win situation basically. Click the titles to give these songs a listen and let me know which one(s) you like!

What other praise songs make you break out into dance? I'd love to give them a listen

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  1. Good to know. My girls will like those so thanks.

  2. Glad I could share something useful for you :) Thanks for stopping by Ms. Ladonna!

  3. You should check out Thank God I Made It by Frank Edwards. It's a Nigerian praise song and super catchy. I find myself singing it all the time. And what could be better than praising God even subconsciously? lol

  4. I love Gold and Ready or not! I always find myself jamming to Overcomer by Mandisa, Speak Life by Toby Mac & Runners by Lacrae. I've never heard of Modimo Urifile before. I'll have to check that one out!


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