30 August 2014

The Gap Year Grind | Volume 1

It has been almost two full weeks since my gap year officially started, and so far I’m enjoying myself. I have applied for an internship at a media agency [yay for CV writing #nothankstohighschool] and I am yet to hear from them. But I’m not stressing. At first I was, because I was like “huhuhu when will I hear from them?!/1 Because I was ready to get this gap year going.  Sometime during last week I was feeling discouraged because I wasn’t shifting gears from summer break to gap year fast enough. Real quick, I want to revisit the goals that I made for myself.

  • Do at least two internships – these haven’t kicked off yet..so..nah
  • Get healthy [workout  & eat right] – yeaaaaaaa.. lets get real for 1.394829 seconds. I really need to work harder on this one! Working out is currently not a word in my dictionary.
  • Get involved with music [violin, piano, flute] – Mother dearest and I are already on the hunt for a new violin/flute. Once I have one of those, I can brush up with the help of the bae Youtube
  • Improve photography skills – I’m definitely getting more adventurous with mother dearest’s iPad camera. Check out some of my instagram snaps!
  • Be consistent in everything [walk with Jesus, taking care of mum] –  this has been  easy because God has been giving me the strength and the desire daily to wake up early and spend time in His Word. My heart is SO full yo. Taking care of mother dearest basically means making her a yummy breakfast and dinner and making her countless mugs of Rooibos tea . I  love spending time with my mom! Maybe a little too much. #shesthebest
  • Be adventurous! - this is  the vaguest goal ever.
But the best part of this ENTIRE week has been volunteering at the New Life Home. Man, I’m blessed daily by the little bundles of joy that come as children there. The ladies and gentlemen that work there are so caring and work so hard every single second of a LONG day. It’s really hard taking care of children let me tell you straight up. I’ve learnt SO much just this week, and especially appreciate the hard work of every single mother yo. Raising children [with your husband or by yourself] is hard work! And so tiring.

 Man. It’s been a humbling opportunity. The children are GROWING on me. Getting attached to every single of them has become my day job. I pray for every single one of them to find a good home with parents that really love them and can take care of them. Little baby John has my heart, it’s ridiculous. He’s the quietest baby and he’s SO observant. All he wants to do is eat, sleep and look around. Ugh he’s the best. And we have the same haircut!
All in all, these past two weeks have been great! I’m so excited for what God has in store for me this year

The Child of God who maintains the habit of reading and reflective study will find new insights in what appears to be the peeling back of layer upon layer of scriptural complexity. In reality, it is us who are being peeled back and laid bare by the ever present truths of His Word.
                                                                                            - Steve Troxel

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  1. Love the end quote! Good luck with getting your internship :)

  2. These are all great goals. Good luck with each of them! <3

  3. oh i love the entry!
    my goal will be to see what you're up to, and read every blogpost for inspiration :) haha im doing a gap year too ive already done two internships, one 2 weeks the other one 3 :) but hopefully more to come! starting in jan. ill be traveling to central america for 5,5 months :)

  4. Rosa! Omg how are you?! What sort of internships were you doing? this is so coool! Ah man I'm so happy you're also taking a gap year! Central America? WHATEVEN?!!? That sounds so awesome! You should blog about it, I wanna hear more about this! :)

  5. This is an exciting time! It is great how much you are getting done! Keep on working towards working out and exercising, when you want to stick with it you will!

  6. Thank you so much for the encouragement Ms. Emily!

  7. It really is! Thanks Ms. Alaska :)

  8. Me too y! When I read it I was like :O Thanks Ms. Natalie!

  9. That's great that you have so many goals for your gap year! It's very inspiring.


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