28 September 2014

Snapshot Sunday!

   This week has been full of ups and downs but by God's grace and strength, I've been able to get through it!

// 1. This week has TRULY exhausted me. Being at the babies home every.single.day is so tiring, so duuur I took the days off on Tuesday and Friday. Helping out at New Life has really opened my eyes to the daily things moms and dads have to go through raising kids. Moms are basically superheroes. That is all.

// 2. I attended a traditional Kikuyu [a Kenyan ethnic group] dowry meeting this Saturday, and it was honestly so awesome! This gap year, I've been learning A LOT about Kenyan culture and even picking up a few bits and pieces of Swahili. Shout out to mom for getting this super sweet capture.

// 3. Sunday lunch dates with my mom are my favorite! I enjoy hanging out with my mom a TAD too much, like it actually becoming a problem! She didn't feel like cooking so we just hit up a quick Java House after an awesome time at church. I'm enjoying teaching the Sunday School choir and brushing up on my piano skills whoop!

// 4. I have a slight problem with buying and arranging flowers, like honestly just call me Norkor the florist, because that is what I truly am! These lovely chrysanthemums are hanging out on our dining table and center piece and are doing their job of brightening our spaces up.

 What were some highlights of your week? I want to hear all about it!

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  1. Those flowers are beautiful!

    And, I WISH I could spend all the time I wanted with my mom! I wish I could just stick her in my pocket and take her everywhere with me. (weird, I know)

    - Kelly :)

  2. Love your photos as well! And I love spending time with my mom too. Mom's are the greatest.

  3. Hi Ms. Kelly! That's not weird at all! I wish I could do the same with my mom :D

  4. Dowry meeting... that would be so interesting to be able to watch!

  5. That top right picture of you is gorgeous! It's so awesome that you get to spend so much time with your mom!

  6. It was so interesting Ms. Meg! Definitely learning a lot about Kenyan culture this year :)

  7. Mom's are definitely the greatest, no questions asked. Thanks Ms. Jordyn!

  8. Thank you Ms. Sarah! I'm really cherishing this last year I have with my mom before I'm off to university :)

  9. I'm right there with you--love buying flowers for my home! They are so pretty.
    I love all of your photos!

  10. Right? They just brighten up any space so wonderfully! Thanks Ms. Jenna!


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