7 November 2014

The Gap Year Grind: A Guest Post

Hello! Today I've having my very first guest post here on Voyageur Africaine! Ms. Kristel over at Glowing Light also took a gap year, and today she's sharing her experience. In other words, gap years are the bomb dot com.

When I first “met” Norkor she told me her blog was a lifestyle/gap year blog. My immediate thought was, “what in the world is a gap year?” But as she explained it I realized I had also taken a gap year. And it was really one of the most valuable years of my life.

I graduated college when when I was 21 years old. I knew I wanted to go on to grad school but I also wanted a break before pursuing that goal. 

In that year after college I began working as a preschool teacher to save up some money. I never imagined myself as a preschool teacher but it ended up being a great experience. In many ways that time prepared me for being a mother to my own children. 

I also spent that year planning my wedding. My husband and I had a ten month engagement, which may seem long to some, but it was perfect for us. Marriage is such a huge life change. It was nice to have all that time to really focus on preparing for not just a wedding, but a marriage as well. I’ve met so many couples who are so stressed about wedding planning and I’m glad to say that I didn’t feel that stress at all. We took our time making decisions and really enjoyed our engagement. 

At the end of my gap year I got married, moved to another state, and started grad school. I felt refreshed and ready to take on new challenges. I really feel that anyone who is able should take a gap year as well. You can try new things, take a break from “regular” life, and learn a lot about yourself. 

Have you take a gap year? What did you learn?

Kristel Acevedo is a wife, mom and blogger living in Miami, FL. You can keep up with her on Glowing Light, her personal blog, where she writes about faith, family and all the fun in between.

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  1. Great post. I guess you could say I took a gap year after I finished my teaching degree, when I worked as a nanny to save us some money and start a little family of our own. It wasn't planned this way, as I wanted to be teaching straight away. But I just didn't work out and as a result, I took that gap year in a way. Now life is on hands on deck! But I'm grateful for that year I didn't have to worry about studies.

  2. Hey Norkor! Love the blog (as usual!) and I can't wait to see what more great content you bring to the interwebs! If you get a chance, it would mean the world to me if you could pop over to www.halcyonbound.blogspot.com and see some of the changes I've made! Can we get together for a latte though?? Like, when are you even free, you busy gyal!?

  3. SO I'VE JUST SEEN 'CAN WE GET TOGETHER FOR A LATTE'.. you spelt bissap wrong ma cherie! tu me manques trop!

  4. KORTEY👏👏 I love this😘


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