3 November 2014

Life Lately | Vol. 1

// 1. Succulents may or may not be my love language. There I said it.
// 2. I have much love for Chocolate Digestives.
// 3.  Shopping by myself is so fun cuz no judgy looks from mom and no telling me to put them back. Holla!
// 4. I MADE INFUSED WATER. It had apples and lemon and ginger. It was actually horrible, but nothing a little simple syrup couldn't fix. I'm pretty sure that's defeats the whole purpose of infused water but whatevs.

// 5. Oh look, that one time I went out to the pool/ left the confines of my living room. I'm such a homebody.
// 7. I'm making wall art for my room to cover up the ugly green walls.
// 8. Gap years are so great.

// 9. I did a photo shoot for a post that may or may not happen and I discovered how awkward I am in front of cameras its great.
// 10. Ellen the Giraffe is Kenya's Next Top Model and she doesn't even know it.
// 11. Caramel corn is also my love language. Make it and I will probably love you.
// 12. Brunch-a-lunchin' with mom is the best.

// 13. I love making dinner for my mom and eating said dinner on the porch holla.
// 14. Oh yes we also hit the Animal Orphanage real quick and took selfies and the such with Simba.
// 15. I tried this Rooibos Latte thing and it was interesting.
// 16. I think these fireworks were for Diwali but I'm naaaht sure.

Okay bye. :3

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May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and Redeemer. - Psalms 19:14

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  1. This is a really cool way to keep your readers up to date with what's going on in your life. I like!

  2. 1. Your pictures are amazing! 2. Your comments are amazing! 3. You are amazing!

  3. I have to agree, succulents are pretty awesome! :)

  4. Sounds like a lot of creative, fun times :)

  5. It definitely is! Plus I can share all the photos that didn't make it onto instagram! Thanks Ms. Brenda!

  6. Ms. Sarah I actually laughed so loudly at this! Thank you! PSSH. YOU'RE AMAZING! :D

  7. YES! Can we please have a Succulents Appreciation Club? Yes or yes?

  8. Definitely! :) I'm so glad I get to be creative during this gap year wooo!

  9. Now that sort of life looks too lively! I'm in envy, Norkor :)

  10. It looks like you have been having a lot of fun lately! I feel like I'm awkward in front of a camera as well but possibly getting better at it while still feeling awkward.

  11. I recently had to take photos for my company's website. It was super awful and awkward. I felt like my chest looked funky and that fear was confirmed when we got a call from our head office saying they were cropping my photo! Haha! Also, ditto on the infused water! Bleh!

  12. These photos may or may not be deceiving! This is basically a round up of like October and November! I assure you my daily shenanigans aren't as lively! ;)

  13. Omg, if being awkward in front of cameras was a profession, I would literally be the spokesperson! Ughhhhh, like what do I do with my face? should I smile or nah? Should I put my hands on my hips? awkward. shmawkward!

  14. Oh goodness gracious I know exactly what you mean! I think I have to give infused water another chance though, it looks so good on pinterest but then you make it and it just tastes like... water? I DONT KNOW.

  15. Yup yup, same thing going on with me when I am in front of a camera.

  16. Hey Nokor, I'm really excited that I stumbled across your blog! I am loving every post. Your style, gifts and passion for Christ make for one creative blog. Keep it up :) I have a friend who I know is really going to enjoy this, she recently graduated and left DC for Spain- will be passing this on.

  17. Oh my! Thank you very much Ms. Holly! Your comment has literally made made my day :)


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