17 January 2015

Wildlife Weekends

It's actually appalling how even though I have a planner and write "WORK ON BLOG POSTS PLEASE" in my day to day shenanigans, I never actually do that. Awks. Does anyone else struggle with this?

 So here I am sharing photos from this weekend a hella long time ago. We had a family friend visit us so dur we took him around Nairobi. First off, the Giraffe Center!

   Kelly didn't want anything to do with us despite our attempts to cajole her into coming closer with yummy giraffe snacks.

Yea, Kelly [on the left] was still giving us side eyes and shady looks, but Ellen [on the right] did her thing, strutted up towards us and had all the giraffe snacks she wanted. And everybody loved her.

    But why are giraffes so beautiful and majestic and tall? In other words, God is too amazing with His        creation.

 Ellen is obviously still in the running to becoming Kenya's Next Top Model. LOOK AT HER ON HER MODEL STATUS. Check out those eyelashes!

Ellen in all her neck glory. What even? She wasn't even trying too look this good.

 All of you potential tortoise lifters have been clearly warned. 
       Then we hopped back into the car and drove to the Nairobi Animal Orphanage woo!

 We got there at feeding time, so lil' Simba was just chilling with his 12 kilograms of beef.

  Oh hey Nala, what's popping?

                 Talek the spotted leopard has the most amazing grey eyes like whurt. He also has the best room at the orphanage.


I haven't really been feeling bloggy (is that even a word) lately... so yeaaaaaa. I'm gonna peace out right about now.

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  1. What gorgeous animals. God's creation is so beautiful!

  2. I actually think it's impressive how much you blog Norkor. I struggle to write anything at all, or come up with interesting content. Now that my bog is a reality, it is sometimes difficult to know who exactly I am blogging for-myself or others?

  3. Karyn! You're too nice. Smh most of the time I have to "force" myself to write posts :/ I see what you mean! I think sometimes we need to ask ourselves why we're blogging to begin with. I think that could definitely help in terms of whether you want to blog for yourself, or for yourself AND others, or just OTHERS. Sometimes I think that I HAVE to post because dur I want more people to see/read my blog, but then I come to my senses and realize that I can do whatever I want. :D

  4. So fun. I love the sign "Do not lift the tortoise."

  5. giraffes are so beautiful! Ellen does have Next top model status going on. I'm a fan of the sign, warning not to lift the Tortoise. Don't pressure yourself to blog, blogging is something to enjoy not something you have to force yourself to do. :) As always enjoyed reading your post

  6. All these captions made me laugh more than I should at 12.49am. I always like to see mother nature at its finest on my Bloglovin' feed :) x


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